Ann Turpin Thayer – Jewelry

Ann Turpin Thayer is truly a wire art jewelry master designer. Taking ancient jewelry making techniques and interpreting them for a modern audience creates a unique work of creation. She likes when a client falls in love with a piece and it speaks directly to their heart is perhaps the best part of what Ann does. Knowing that a piece she creates today will be an heirloom tomorrow. Her credentials are extensive and her work is in over 1000 private collections.

Presently Ann is working in the ancient Japanese form of Kumihimo. Kumihimo is a braiding technique that was and still is fiber based. Originally, the braids were made flat and would be used to 1. Wrap the hilt of the Samurai Sword: 2. Create carrying straps for the Samurai Sword, connecting pieces of the armour together: and 4. Obijime – connecting the Obi to the Kimono.