Alan Tobler – Sculpture – Raku

Alan Tobler draws on inspiration for his work from hiking and traveling about. “Living in the Southwest I’ve gained a great appreciation for the palette of colors and textures that exists out here. I try to incorporate these in an organic look and feel in my pieces”.

After traveling to Europe a few years ago Alan is dedicated and driven as ever. “To have seen the caliber of artwork and craftsmanship there, was a very humbling yet rewarding experience. It reaffirmed even more in my mind that this journey through the arts is the path I want to continue on”.

Alan uses four kilns. An electric to bisque fire in, one for stoneware and the other two are Raku kilns. The latter three he made himself along with his glazes. “I like to mix all of my glazes from scratch. Some are common recipes and some are my own concoctions. It’s time consuming but I appreciate the control I have over the final results”

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