Randall LaGro

Randall LaGro, painter, printmaker, and assemblage artist has lived in the Southwest for over ten years. He graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, furthering his education with a three-year period as a professional printmaker.

"A Gift From the Sea" Oil/Board 25" x 28"

“A Gift From the Sea”Oil/Board
25″ x 28″

Prior to his formal art studies, Randall developed artistically during years of travel and personal study. This time of exploration and contemplation formed a core of inner experience, which when combined with further technical knowledge, has brought a maturity to his artistic language. This personal language, along with the tangible forms of the work, is a component of the larger structure of this artist’s vision.

“The creative process seeks knowledge. It calls for contemplation. For the creator as well as the spectator it means a journey involving thought, memory, imagination and faith. Excavating though our subconscious, pulling points of light out of darkness, we discover our deeper self and possibly the higher self.”


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