May 2014 – Marc Taylor

Sprinkling of Sunshine"

Sprinkling of Sunshine”


“I’ve always lived a bit outside the real world,” says artist Marc Taylor, when asked to describe his playful street-scene paintings.  “Why should a rainy day mean getting cold and wet? he continues.  “To me it means getting to have fun and carrying a colorful umbrella!”  This simple philosophy, of approaching every day as an adventure, perhaps describes this artist’s appeal.  For we too, want to live in his world.

In his original paintings, he explores a fine line between abstract and realism by using texture and color relationships. His whimsical spirit is evident with the ladies under their umbrellas strolling down streets or garden paths.

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October 2013 – Russ Vogt

Russ VogtThis months feature artist is “Russ Vogt” who creates the most unique sculptures.  The following piece is entitled “Red Reed” and is a ceramic sculpture that is actually 70″ tall.  We have recently sold this piece, but wanted to highlight it as something neat and unusual. We have many other pieces of artwork by Russ Vogt including more sculptures similar to this piece as well as some of his paintings.

We hope you enjoy the artwork of Russ Vogt who is October 2013’s featured artist at the Courtyard Gallery!

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