Bob Smith

For over thirty-five years, silhouette and form, with a quiet contained presence, have

"Large Cylinder"

“Large Cylinder”

been have been changed significantly and irrevocably by making clay art. My head, hands and heart have come together during this active, long-term pursuit of my dreams. I am beginning to understand the complexities of my medium, and because I work hard and with care and sincerity to train my hands to do what they must; in this self-actualization I have become passionate. Through some stroke of good fortune, I have found work which is satisfying, engaging, challenging, and comprehensive, and through which my heart can sing.

I often think I work with clay to slow down the world; and maybe to experience the sensual/tactile quality of the wet medium on my fingers; and maybe to better understand life’s dichotomies and paradoxes by studying clay’s dichotomies and paradoxes — the microcosm of the studio and macrocosm of the world –; and maybe just because I have to.




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